Huntress redesigned with more of her parents, Batman and Catwoman, in mind

Helena Wayne
(Image credit: Clay Mann (DC))

Tom King has tweeted new art by Clay Mann showing off a new redesign for Helena Wayne (a.k.a. The Huntress). This is apparently art tied to March 2021's Batman/Catwoman #4 - whose solicitation and covers are expected to be revealed later this week.

(Image credit: Clay Mann (DC))

This redesign is a dramatic departure from 2016's design by Yanick Paquette, or even the one preceding it - 2003's Jim Lee design. Gone is the domino mask, and in its place is a pointy-eared cowl like her parents' costumes - particularly reminiscent of the original 1939 Batman design by Bill Finger.

And it could be the style of Clay Mann, but there appears to be a yellow light-up Bat emblem. Taking that and the shoulder pieces, it gives off an almost Neon Genesis Evangelion vibe.

Taking a step back, though, it's only speculation this is Huntress - it says "Hello Helena." Perhaps in this continuity, she's not Huntress but takes on the other family name as Batwoman or Batgirl. The mainstream continuity Huntress took on the name 'Batgirl' during the 'No Man's Land' event.

(Image credit: Clay Mann (DC))

King and Mann's Batman/Catwoman takes place in several time periods, including one set in the future featuring a grown-up Helena and an elderly Selina Wayne. In this future Bruce Wayne is dead - and the women in his life seek revenge on those they believe are responsible.

While this Huntress design is new and striking, it's unclear if it's a one-off for this series or could see a life beyond it. Batman/Catwoman is outside of DC's main continuity, but King told Newsarama he hopes that it will eventually redefine the main continuity similar to Batman: The Killing Joke.

This Huntress design art is pegged by King's tweet to be in Batman/Catwoman #4, but that's not to say the costume - or Helena herself - couldn't pop up sooner. Batman/Catwoman #2 goes on sale on January 19, with the third issue following February 16.

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