Hulk toys online?

We're pretty excited about the new Hulk flick. We love Ed Norton and Liv Tyler could make a Coronation Street movie watchable.

However, we're not so sure about the toy images that have leaked to . Hulk looks good - but then it's hard to get a massive green bloke wrong - but that's not what's making our Spider-sense tingle.

No, what worries us is The Abomination. Sure, we like a 'steel pipe weapon' as much as the next guy, but where's the comic-book character's ears?

It might sound like a fanboy quibble, but would you like to see Thor without his helmet? Or Spider-Man with a tail? No, you wouldn't - because it's the little details that make a character distinctive.

Go to CHUD to see the bigger picture, then start praying to the comic-book Gods that, like the Cloverfield monster before it, this Abomination's a fake.

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