Huge Persona 5 mod offers female protagonist and new romance options

Persona 5 Royal
(Image credit: Atlus)

A huge new Persona 5 Royal mod introduces new romance options and a playable female protagonist.

As spotted by RockPaperShotgun, the new 'P5R Female Protagonist' mod for Persona 5 Royal on GameBanana does exactly what it says on the tin. The mod offers the ability to play Atlus's 2020 RPG re-release as a woman instead, just like how Persona 3 Portable offered an alternate female protagonist with new gameplay elements all those years ago.

There's brand new costumes and outfits for female Joker to kit themselves out in, and there's also new dialog for Joker's alternate form, some of which even has voice acting tied in. There's also more subtle changes to Persona 5 Royal's UI to reflect Joker's change, like modifying the character portraits in the combat victory screens.

The mod even offers new romance options for female Joker. These are Akechi (because of course it's Akechi), airhead Yusuke, Phansite aficionado Mishima, and the best boy Ryuji. Because of these new romance links, the maximum number of Confidants has unfortunately been reduced, meaning Makoto is unfortunately out as a Confidant if you download this mod.

The mod is a massive work by its dedicated team and completely overhauls the base game. It sure isn't easy to craft new UI elements, record new dialog, write out new romance routes, and change up quieter parts like the gendered bathrooms. Hats off to everyone involved in this mod - it seems like a must-download if you're after a fresh take on Atlus's ace RPG.

There's a new Persona 5 Royal mobile spin-off game out now in China in early access, and it honestly looks pretty impressive from everything we've seen so far. 

Hirun Cryer

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