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How to watch today's Dying Light 2 update stream

Wondering how to watch the Dying Light 2 update stream happening today? We can't blame you - it's the first proper update from Techland in almost two years.

The studio has only recently started even talking about Dying Light 2 again, but now we're just hours away from an actual... well, something. We're not sure if it's a new cinematic or gameplay trailer, a release date, or something else entirely, but we know something substantial related to Dying Light 2 is happening today. We know because we received a package with some cryptic materials pointing to an event today. Anyway, on to the stream and where/when to watch it:

How to watch today's Dying Light update stream

A shadowy figure lurks against the sunset

(Image credit: Techland)

The Dying Light 2 update is being streamed over on Techland's Twitch channel (opens in new tab), but you can also just stay right where you are and watch the embed at the top of this article. Either way, you'll want to tune in right at, or just before, 12pm PT / 3pm ET / 8PM BST.

Again, Techland didn't hand out a ton of clues as to what to expect from today's stream, but it's probably safe to expect a new trailer and some gameplay footage. We're also holding out hope for an official release date, and that's not at all unreasonable at this point. Techland has confirmed a 2021 release window for the sequel, and - sorry to alarm you - we're edging closer and closer to the year's halfway point, so now's around the time we'd hear something on that front.

Until the sequel comes out, here are some games like Dying Light to sink your teeth into.

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