Honor's latest high powered, affordable gaming phone is about to launch - here's how to watch the live stream

Phone technology is changing. Apple is no longer the hegemonic powerful force it once was, and dozens of other providers and technology companies are democratising the industry with their own viable alternatives to the iPhone, giving customers more choices than ever when it comes to the super powered smartphone. 

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One such company is Honor, a technology-focused branch of the Huawei Group, based out in Shenzhen, China. Honor has made a name for itself for making top quality gaming phones at more affordable prices next to the Samsung Galaxys and iPhones of the mobile scene, the latest of which - the Honor Play - was announced earlier this month. 

TechRadar gave 4.5/5 stars in its Honor 10 review earlier this year, and recently got its hands on the Honor Play for an early preview with tentatively positive impressions, but a live stream launch event is scheduled for later today to give you more details about this upcoming piece of kit.

You can watch the Honor Play Global Launch Event on Honor's YouTube channel, where the live stream link is already prepped and ready for its anticipated start time of 2PM BST/6AM PST today, Thursday August 30. We've embedded the stream below, too, so you can also just bookmark this page and come back later to watch it directly from here. 

Honor will likely be unveiling the Play's release date, price, and pre-order details during the event, so stay tuned if you're interested in potentially picking one up later on in the year. Hopefully, we'll even see some live footage of the gaming phone in action, living up to all that talk of the updated GPU Turbo technology that's exclusive to Honor mobiles. Fingers crossed.

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