How to watch the Bodyguard TV series (Psst... it's coming to Netflix)

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The Bodyguard TV series is the ongoing BBC crime drama that's so gripping, it's now one of the most-viewed new shows of the 21st Century, so of course Netflix has just picked it up for streaming outside the UK later this month. That's good news for US viewers, who may still be wondering how to watch the Bodyguard TV series while it continues to air on BBC One every week, and even better news for the show itself, which will surely only continue to surge in popularity as it makes a home for itself on the biggest streaming platform around. 

The show hasn't landed on Netflix just yet, however, but there's still plenty of viable ways to watch it in the meantime, regardless of where you are in the world. Below, you'll find all the information you need on the best place to watch Bodyguard right now, including details for those not currently settling down every Sunday evening in the UK or Northern Ireland.

How to watch the Bodyguard TV series online in the UK

This is nice and straightforward. You can watch the Bodyguard TV series live every Sunday night on BBC One at 9pm. As of writing, there’s only two more episodes to go with the finale airing on September 23, 2018.

If you need to catch up on the show so far - or just want to relive certain explosive moments before the final episode - then head over to the Bodyguard iPlayer page. Every episode will be available on there for 30 days after airing, which means you can get up-to-date before the next episode this Sunday before you know it, or do one big the Bodyguard binge from start to finish once the finale has aired but before episode 1 leaves iPlayer on September 25, 2018. You can also download episodes to watch offline if you want to catch up on-the-go, but, again, there’s a 30-day expiry date.

How to watch the Bodyguard TV series online in the US

Netflix has announced that the full first season of Bodyguard will be available to stream on its platform from October 24 (the day after the season finale airs on BBC One) to all regions outside the UK and Northern Ireland. This is, without a doubt, the best option for those who don't mind waiting until the show wraps up its televised run.

Those of you who don't have the patience to avoid spoilers until next week, however, here's how you can catch up on Bodyguard in the meantime. If you’re in the States and you want to watch the Bodyguard TV series, you’re going to have to take a look at the best VPNs. This means if you’re travelling abroad or on holiday, you can still watch, you just need to figure how to stream the Bodyguard TV series before it gets spoiled for you. 

You need download and install your VPN - we recommend ExpressVPN for all-round quality and ease-of-use - and then open up the app or VPN program. You’ll then be met with a wide variety of locations but, in this instance, set your location as the UK.

Then you’re going to want to head on over to TVPlayer, which will let you watch the Bodyguard TV series live every Sunday. If you don’t want to watch live thanks to that pesky time difference, you’ll need to sign up to its TV Player Plus service, which will give you access to its catch up selection, including the Bodyguard TV series.

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