How to watch Pokemon Presents today for more Pokemon Scarlet and Violet news

Smoliv from Pokemon Scarlet and Violet
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Want to know exactly when and where to watch today’s Pokemon Presents stream? We’ve got you covered. 

Yesterday, The Pokemon Company announced that it would be hosting another Pokemon Presents stream to share updates on Pokemon apps and video games, including the highly anticipated Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. The stream has already been posted onto the official Pokemon YouTube channel today (August 3), as well as embedded below, and will officially kick off at 6am PT / 2pm BST / 9am EST.

We've already had a little hint towards what will make an appearance, but if we were to guess beyond that, it's possible that we could finally find out where Pokemon Scarlet and Violet is set and maybe see some more gameplay footage as we haven't actually seen much of this yet. Especially since there was a leak that included these details as recently as last month. We'll have to wait until the official stream to know for sure though. 

We may be in for a few surprises too, especially considering there probably isn't much more to know about the generation nine game since we already know the Pokemon Scarlet and Violet release date, the Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Legendaries, and the Pokemon Scarlet and Violet starters.  

In terms of other Pokemon news to expect, as the tweet announcing the stream said, we will be getting "updates on Pokémon apps and video games." We already know about a few other Pokemon apps and games in development, including iOS and Android versions of Pokemon Unite, the new app Pokemon Sleep, and even a sequel to the 3DS game Detective Pikachu. Of course, it's best to take all of these assumptions with a grain of salt for now. 

Need something else to play until we finally get Scarlet and Violet? Take a look at our games like Pokemon list. 

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