How to keep your Gamecube warm...

'Know' Killer 7

Killer 7 was without doubt one of the most visually stunning and innovative games of last year. It was also without doubt a family-sized bucket of weird.

Many thought that playing the game would offer up some rational explanation for the multiple personality on wheels that was Killer 7 (one big cheese dream perhaps), but completing the game just raised more questions than it answered.

What's worse, the whole experience just refused to be classified: noir shooter? But it was brightly coloured and on rails. Black-comedy adventure? Well, there was little freedom and it was nothing like any comedy we've ever seen.

So here's your challenge: make sense of Killer 7. Make note of everything that happens, draw web diagrams of events, pie charts of emotions, graphs of character development and express how the game makes you feel through the medium of dance. Get to the point that when anyone mentions Killer 7 to you, your reaction is "well it's pretty straightforward, really".

If that doesn't keep you and your GameCube busy till the release of Zelda, then we really must be missing something.