How to keep your Gamecube warm...

Unlock every extra level in Super Monkey Ball 2

We all know what really goes on with the Monkey Ball- you collect enough bananas and break enough tapes to unlock Monkey Bowling and Monkey Golf, then it's all about plus-fours and picking up spares from then on. But can't you see what you're doing?! You're basically putting Baby and Gongon into a life of retirement- and that's cruelty to animals.

So while we're talking monkey balls, how's about you grow a pair and take on a real challenge: unlocking the 30 extra levels in the game. All you have to do is complete every stage of every mode without using a continue. So that's theten in beginner, 30 in advanced, and just the 50 in expert.

It is possible. We know people who know people who have done this and the reward for this incredible feat is... our respect and 30 more levels that would test the patience of a saint on a rainy Sunday, with nothing better to do as Church is shut and God's on holiday.

And as GameCube owners have the thick end of a year to wait till they can get feral with Link, there is plenty of time to get all 30. Just remember- that's without using any continues. Easy.