How to beat Modern Warfare 2 on Veteran difficulty

After you slide down to the section where you meet your colleagues, head left immediately, lie down and spam the Predator missile into the largest groups possible to make life loads easier for yourself.

When the timer kicks in, make sure you hide behind cover at all times, use your Predator carefully here and make sure you dash from cover to cover. It’s a tricky business.

Second Sun

Pick up the M14 grenadier at the ammo box before the offices and spam your grenade launcher in the two offices, popping back into cover and reloading downstairs again when you run out of grenades.

Whiskey Hotel

The start of this level is a real pain as you can easily be killed through sheer bad luck. So go prone in each ditch and head left, sprinting from ditch to ditch to avoid being taken down.

Once again, take it slow (until the end part) and rebound any flashbangs or grenades around any dubious corners first, giving you vital seconds to take out any idiot waiting for you there.

Loose Ends

The ambush at the start can be tough, so stick to the left and use a few flashbangs to take out the snipers. Dash into the smoke when possible and hide down by the tree stumps for cover.

When you’re in the house, head into the room behind the router where you plant and stick claymores to the nearby stairs and doorways. It provides line of sight to three entrances at once, so make the most of it.

The Enemy of My Enemy

The trick here is to stick to the left-hand side of the level as this has the least number of enemies and the most cover. Your ghillie suit offers zero cover on this level so simply focus on getting from cover to cover.

Use flashbangs where possible and use your rifle to take out the gunners in the cars to stop them from ripping you to pieces. Again, stay on the far left in the last part of the airfield for maximum cover.

At the end when you have to steer the car it automatically veers to the left, so tap right constantly to counter this and allow you to drive a straighter line onto the plane.

Just Like Old Times

When the lights go out stick on your night-vision goggles and use an automatic gun at everyone who’s stupid enough to walk into your line of sight.

In the room with the two planks and the smoke-throwing enemies, be sure to have a riot shield and bash into whoever you can. The right-hand side has a weapons cache should you need it.

Make sure you keep the riot shield with you to the end. You can sneak past most of the enemies in the last area by staying to the left. As long as you reach the cave entrance, old Pricey will follow you.

Act 4


When you first exit the caves, stick left until Price mentions the chopper, then go right to the other side and weave across the water to make yourself a harder target to hit.

Be sure to take out as many enemy boats as you can that get in front of you and always keep your finger on the accelerator. Otherwise the enemy will escape and you’ll have to start all over again! Good luck.

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