Modern Warfare 2's coolest Easter eggs

Dramatic chickens

Aside from traffic and civilians, you’ll also encounter caged chickens in the favela. When you ruthlessly murder the helpless poultry, watch closely and you’ll see them perform a dramatic death animation that’s more Looney Tunes than Black Hawk Down. Perhaps this Easter egg is meant for PETA,whohad a problem (opens in new tab)with the dog killing in World at War.

Departures – Delayed

Above: The least of our worries

In the controversial airport massacre scene, while wading through a mess of bullet-riddled vacationers, the flight times all suddenly flip over to “delayed.” It’s darkly humorous to think that in the midst of this horrifying bloodbath, some anal retentive desk-jockey wouldn’t flee for his life until he’d properly updated the signage. Now that’s putting the customer experience first. You’re looking at Employee of the Month right there.

Blow up doll in Makarov’s safehouse

Above: Don’t pretend like you didn’t consider it

Just think of all those haggard, lonely men, holed away in a remote mountain cabin guarding Makarov’s precious intel with no way to gratify their baser urges. But Makarov knows how to take care of his hired goons - he’s provided a deluxe novelty sex doll for them to pass around in their off-duty hours. When was the last time your boss was so considerate?

Standard Hotel rooftop bar

Above: Swanky! And yes, those tanks explode

Call us jet set hipster trash if you must, but we immediately recognized this perfect recreation of the rooftop bar at The Standard, a trendy hotel in downtown Los Angeles. Not pictured: flavor of the minute DJs, overpriced drinks, skeezy gold diggers.

Above: Suites at The Standard come with a giant black foam rubber foot, for some reason