How PSP 2 could make things better

Whatever you might think, PSP has been a success. Nearly 25 million of the sleek gaming portables have been sold since it was first launched in Japan at the end of 2004 .

However, PlayStation Portable could use some work. And, if the recently refueled rumors of a redesigned PSP 2 are to be believed, Sony knows it.

Certainly here at GamesRadar we reckon PSP hasn't yet reached its full potential. Sony just needs to unlock the handheld's strengths and cut down on the weaknesses. So here are five things that we'd like to see included in a reworked PSP, aimed at improving its gaming credentials.

A better LCD screen
Don't get us wrong - PSP's gorgeous, bright screen still makes us grin like it's Christmas. But PSP's refresh rate (that's the speed it can update the image on screen) leaves something to be desired. With a better refresh rate PSP would lose those ghostly trails, and movies and games would look so pretty we'd doubtless be moved to joyful tears.

Integrated GPS and camera
GPS is cool, it's as simple as that. MGS Portable Ops hinted at the gaming possibilities,and combining GPS positioning with in-game action is exciting. Then, with a built-incamera, PSP could feature video-phone and camcorder abilities. Make it so, Sony.

March 13, 2007