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How do you make yoga appeal to gamers? A Polish model

The simply-namedYogais yet another get-in-shape-on-the-Wii game, and you'll be skipping over it at game retailers when it's released this Spring. We wouldn't have bothered writing anything if we didn't notice that it features Anja Rubik, the Polish model and yoga enthusiast who made this article possible. That was redundant, but it doesn't matter, because you're not reading this, you're looking at the images below, which can be found in their original forms on Rubik's website.

Of course, these beautiful photographs are nothing like the actual game experience, which looks like this:

Yeah, oh well. Let's talk more about Anja, who says of Yoga:

"Thanks to Yoga, I remain lithe and get perfect tone for my muscles, and my joints are loose and mobile. Yoga also taught me how to breathe correctly, which allows me to keep stressful situations under control. The back pains I used to have from wearing high heels have disappeared thanks to various Asanas."

What's hotter than the word "lithe?" We suppose we're objectifying poor Anja a bit, but aren't we supposed to remain objective to be proper journalists? (Ha!) In seriousness, the game will appeal to people who don't read this website, and we get Anja. Everybody wins.

Mar 19, 2010

Associate Editor, Digital at PC Gamer