How Abrams' Star Trek Is Linked To The Next Generation

Some new information addressing the prequel/sequel conundrum surrounding the new Star Trek movie has finally emerged, spilling some dirt on Eric Bana’s Romulan villain, Nero.

Unknown to us (until five minutes ago) tomorrow marks the release of a four-part Star Trek movie prequel comic book series. Check out the gallery to the right for a taster.

The folks at TrekMovie managed to their hands on a comic early and have posted a review, predictably spilling some details. That means spoilers , but don't worry - they're only minor. Here’s some choice quotes:

  • “[Roberto] Orci [writer of both the movie and comic] has stated that this comic series will show "how you connect" the Next Generation to the new movie’s continuity. So ironically, even though this is a prequel to a movie mostly set in the era of young Kirk and crew, this prequel comic actually doubles as a sequel to the Next Gen era.”
  • “[The story] could be seen as a follow-up story to the Next Generation’s "Unification" two-parter, which established that eleven years before Nemesis (and nineteen years before the comic) Spock was on Romulus covertly trying to bring together the Romulans and the Vulcans"
  • “[Spock] recently discovered some disturbing information about the Hobus star which seems moving toward becoming a massive supernova… Nero steps up to support Spock’s claims, having seen an explosion at the star firsthand. This leads to the start of what looks to be a friendship between the two, and an offer that Spock finds impossible to refuse.”
  • “Nero, one of the main characters in the upcoming movie, is not the traditional Romulan we are used to. Indeed, Nero’s actions throughout the story presented in Countdown are not at all what we might expect. Here he is sympathetic, and shows all the characteristics of a classic Trek hero, including sacrifice, selflessness and compassion…”

Take a look at the full review over at TrekMovie for the complete picture.

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