House of the Dragon release schedule: when is episode 10 airing on HBO and Sky?

House of the Dragon
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House of the Dragon season 1 is almost at an end, but tensions are sky-high between House Targaryen and House Hightower – AKA the blacks and the greens. Episode 9 ratcheted up the stakes even further, and it's safe to say Westeros will never be the same after the explosive events of the penultimate episode of the season. With the finale fast-approaching, things are only going to get more dramatic. 

If you want to know when House of the Dragon episode 10 is landing, then look no further than our ultimate guide right here. We've got the date and time for both the US and the UK, so you have all you need to settle in for what will surely be an epic season finale. 

When is the House of the Dragon episode 10 release date on HBO and Sky?

House of the Dragon episode 10 will air on HBO on October 24 at 9pm ET / 6pm PT. You’ll need a cable subscription to the channel to be able to watch it. After it airs on live TV, it will be available to stream on HBO Max

The good news is that fans in the UK will be able to watch it at the same time. It will be simultaneously airing on Sky Atlantic at 2am on Monday, October 25. Episode 10 will also be released on NOW TV from 2am on Monday as well if you’re planning on watching online. It'll also be available to watch on October 25 on Sky Atlantic at 9pm for those who prefer a more traditional sit-down hour of television on a Monday evening.

How many episodes of House of the Dragon are there?

Milly Alcock and Paddy Considine in House of the Dragon

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In total, House of the Dragon season 1 has 10 episodes. These are airing weekly across Sky and HBO, leading up to the finale on October 23. We’ve listed when they’ll be available below. 

  • Episode 1 – ‘The Heirs of the Dragon’ – out now!
  • Episode 2 – ‘The Rogue Prince’ – out now!
  • Episode 3 – ‘Second of His Name’ – out now!
  • Episode 4 – 'King of the Narrow Sea' – out now!
  • Episode 5 – 'We Light the Way' – out now!
  • Episode 6 – 'The Princess and the Queen' – out now!
  • Episode 7 – 'Driftmark' – out now!
  • Episode 8 – 'The Lord of the Tides' – out now!
  • Episode 9 – 'The Green Council' – out now! 
  • Episode 10 – 'The Black Queen' – October 23 (US) / October 24

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