House of the Dead 4: PS3-exclusive port has Move support, trailer and release date

Sega's released a new trailer for House of the Dead 4, the PS3 port of its sci-fi/horror arcade shooter from the mid-2000s. The game's also been priced and dated: the company says it'll be hitting PSN on April 17, with a pricetag of $9.99. You could spend that much on the arcade machine in a day's play, and you probably wouldn't even get to see the whole game – not to mention having to rub up against all manner of dirty, awful people you don't even know. God bless home gaming.

Above: Returning hero Agent James Taylor has seen fire, rain, and lonely times when he could not find a friend - but nothing could have prepared him for this

The PSN version of the game features Move support, unlockable extras such as behind-the-scenes interviews and bonus levels from the game's Special Edition. It's the first and currently only home version of the title – though the game chronologically fits in between the more widely-available Houses of the Deads 2 and 3.

So, if you wanted to, you could follow this up with the predecessor (which is technically sort of a sequel) and try to construct a logical chronology for the titles. By which time, presumably, the idea of having your brains gnawed on by quasi-supernatural Tarot-monsters wouldn't seem like such an awful option.