Hostesses in, quiz games out in Yakuza 4's English release

Purists will be pleased to learn that the hostess managing mini-games in Yakuza 4 will make it into the English language version when it's released later this month. A similar mode in Yakuza 3 was removed along with 21 side-quests.

It's not all good news though - the quiz games in the game's true to life Sega arcades, which ask detailed questions about Japanese history and pop culture, won't make the cut. The mini-game's text is stored in image files, making editing the questions extremely time consuming.

The only other major change is to the game's opening movie. The song that played over the original, Butterfly City, could not be used due to licensing restrictions. Instead, Sega is using a remix of the song “For Faith,” by Hidenori Shoji, the game's composer.


Mar 4, 2011