Horton Hears a win

It might not have dragged in the kids (and their families) to quite Ice Age proportions, but Horton Hears A Who, the new CGI cartoon from the Blue Sky team still managed to nab the biggest opening weekend of the year so far, with $45.1 million at the US box office.

10,000 BC had to settle for second place in its second weekend, though it dropped less than many had anticipated given the blisteringly awful reviews, down just 54% to make $16.4 million. In third place, Summit Entertainment’s Never Back Down kicked its way to $8.6 million, meaning it’ll probably make its relatively small budget back by the time the DVD hits shelves.

Martin Lawrence’s latest comedy, College Road trip dropped to fourth, taking in $7.8 million, while Vantage Point held on well, dropping just two places to fifth with $5.4 million. Also holding up reasonably well was The Bank Job, which added $4.9 million to its $13.1 million haul.

There was bad news for Neil Marshall’s Doomsday, with the post-apocalyptic thriller nabbing just $4.7 million in its first weekend, albeit on fewer screens than most of the other big releases. At eighth, Semi-Pro scored $3 million, making its total to date $29.8 million, while The Other Boleyn Girl shoved $2.9 million into its royal coffers in ninth. And in 10th place, The Spiderwick Chronicles saw its kid audience sliced into by Horton, making $2.3 million this weekend for a $65.4 million total so far.

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