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Horror movies that would make great games

Quick Synopsis: A woman travels to the mysterious island of Matool to try and find her missing father - a scientist on an ill-fated research mission. As if the title wasn't a big enough giveaway, she discovers the island is infested with zombies. Most people get killed.

Why it would make a great game:

For three very simple reasons...

Zombie Vs Shark

Zombie eye gouging

Creepiest soundtrack ever

'Zombie Flesh Eaters opening theme' By Fabio Frizzi

Go listen to that on your own in a haunted house. In a wood. Built on an old Indian burial ground. Near a lunatic asylum.

Non-specific, Scary Clowns

Simply, there aren’t enough terror clowns in games. Which is why we need something like this...

Happy Halloween!

October30, 2009

When sexy meant pixellated

Umm, that *so* wasn't scary

13 terrifying bastards

I hate the 267.