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Horror movies that would make great games

Quick synopsis: Riki gets locked up for manslaughter after killing a man who caused the death of his girlfriend. Inside, he is picked on by vicious gangs and corrupt wardens. Being a lethal martial artist, he proceeds to f*** them up, one by one.

Why it would make a great game: Technically this isn’t a horror film (it’s a film version of a Japanese comic book) but the special effects used in the brutally comic fight sequences would suggest otherwise. If the makers of Mortal Kombat had any balls, this isthe game they’d make – real men, fighting to the death, smashing big bloody chunks out of each other.

This is all well and good...

But add in some Fight Night realism and mix well with Riki-oh and…

Now that’s some fatality.

Night of the Living Dead

Quick synopsis: Once again, someone’slefthell unattended, and the gates spew forth azombie mess. A bunch of survivors hole up in a house and try to stem the onslaught with fire and pitchforks. They all die, in black and white.

Why it would make a great game: Zombie mode was Call of Duty World at War's crowning achievement. That Modern Warfare 2 is categorically not incorporating the mode, means there's an opening for a full-on modern day zombie survival game that takes the best elements of Romero's classic (and archetypal) film and WaW's gameplay mechanic and extending it into a full-blown entrails-laden, suspense-filled tactical shooter.

WaW's zombie mode - technically the same as Night of the Living Dead... that itinvolves significant 'battening down' of 'the hatches' - but we're thinking bigger.

Yes, we already have Left 4 Dead. Yes, we already have Dead Rising and Resident Evil. But we don't have a game that sets up the player in a real-world zombie apocalypse, forced to use their guile to survive.

Imagine having to navigate a huge map, finding a remote bolt-hole (probably in the woods) collecting supplies, ammunition and weapons and then defending your makeshift fortress from waves of unrelenting zombies. We don't really have to sell it to you, right? It would be amazing.

Above: Where we'd be hedging our bets

Next up: Eye gouging and clowns!

I hate the 267.