Horror fishing game Dredge is getting a whole bunch of free updates and paid DLC

(Image credit: Black Salt Games)

One of this year's sleeper indie darlings, the horror fishing game Dredge, is getting free updates and a paid DLC this year.

Black Salt Games announced Dredge's roadmap with details in a PlayStation blog. The first of three updates will hit the shores sometime in May and introduce a long-requested feature: map markers. These will let you select different colored icons on the map to guide you toward (or away from) dangers, shipwrecks, mysteries, and more. The first Dredge update will also add some bug fixes and unspecified balance changes.

(Image credit: Black Salt Games)

The second free update is a little meatier, bringing with it two all-new modes: the chilled-out Passive Mode, which makes monsters non-aggressive for a "less intense experience," and a very fleshed-out Photo Mode, which adds a whole new character and questline all about unlocking your camera ability and following clues to find marine subjects (some of which are all new) for your photography. This separate mode will sync up with your console or PC's normal screenshot functionality so that you can seamlessly share any shots you take with the world.

The third and final free update before the paid DLC adds boat customization options like paint schemes and flags, which will be unlocked as you chart the moody waters, coastlines, and bayous of Dredge. That's all that's been revealed about the third free update so far, but Black Salt Games says more information will be unveiled about all three free updates "later in the year."

As for the paid DLC, that'll be focused around the mysterious Ironhaven Corporation, which seeks to establish a new and "innovative" drilling operation for unknown and "potentially nefarious" reasons. The expansion will gradually reveal the truth behind the company's operations as you collect materials for new constructions and biomatter to fuel the rig, meet new characters, craft new equipment, and catch new fish.

In case you're gearing up for a replay, here's our guide on all Dredge endings explained and how to get them.

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