Horizon: Zero Dawn Update 1.04 fixes a bunch of quests but messes up outfit stat displays

Ended up stuck in the middle of a quest in Horizon: Zero Dawn with no clear way forward or, even worse, with your beloved spear nowhere to be found? You should give it another try now, because the latest patch for the game fixed a bunch of progression problems. Just don't get excited when you find a new piece of armor with double the stats because that's a glitch too.

Update 1.04 introduced a new issue where all outfit stats appear to be doubled in the menus, but they're not actually affected in-game where it counts. Guerrilla Games is trying to fix the problem ASAP. Now here are the quests that received the biggest fixes - there are some quest-related spoilers here, though nothing major about the plot itself.

The Womb of the Mountain

Before the patch, opening a DLC treasure box before retrieving Aloy's items could prevent her from getting her spear back. Yikes! The issue won't happen any more, but if you already ran into the problem, you'll need to load an earlier save to get back on track.

A Seeker at the Gates

No more sneaking into the gates of Mother's Watch by fast traveling to this location, and you shouldn't encounter a situation where you can't make your way through Carja Fort.

The City of the Sun

Erend used to vanish after you spoke with him if you didn't take your time on the bridge. He shouldn't do that any more.

The Sun Shall Fall

More fast travel problems! Now you should be able to return to Dervahl if you fast-travel during the objective to talk to him.

Deep Secrets of the Earth

Aloy could be prevented from entering the bunker if you fast-traveled away after interacting with it for the first time. Fixed!

The Terror of the Sun

If you got killed by the Behemoth, there used to be a possibility that you'd respawn in an empty arena. The patch removes that chance, but if you're already sitting in an empty arena you'll need to travel to Sunfall to restart the quest.

The update also fixed a problem where Aloy could get stuck in her sliding animation, which honestly sounds like a plus to me. If you could slide everywhere, why wouldn't you?

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