Horizon Zero Dawn played on a modded Switch is a beautiful sight

Horizon Zero Dawn
(Image credit: Guerrilla Games / Sony)

Horizon Zero Dawn being played on a modded Switch is like a window to a better world, one where all the people of the Earth can play any game on any console whenever they want - as long they have good wifi, at least.

Reddit user Snom-Leader shared a brief video of the PlayStation console exclusive being streamed onto Switch from their local PlayStation console: specifically, the setup uses a Switch modded to run Lineage OS, and from there you can install and run the PSPlay app for PS4/PS5 remote streaming. And yes, this is basically PS Vita remote play with more steps, but it's still cool.

horizon_zero_dawn_on_my_modded_switch from r/horizon

Nintendo frowns on any kind of Switch modding like this, so don't try to replicate this at home unless you're OK with voiding your warranty and potentially running into compatibility issues with games and system updates. For that matter, Sony might not be the biggest fan of you accessing your PlayStation and streaming games off of it in this way. Caveat emptor is basically what I'm saying here.

This particular solution maps all of the standard PlayStation controls over to the Switch's inputs, though sadly it does not support motion control aiming as you could do with a DualShock or DualSense when playing directly on a PS4 or PS5.

Even if it's extremely unofficial right now, it's still easy to imagine a future where this kind of thing would be officially feasible: multiplatform games such as Hitman 3 and Control have come to Switch exclusively via dedicated streaming apps; and on the other side, PlayStation has started bringing its own exclusives (including Horizon Zero Dawn) to other platforms via PC ports. Now, putting PlayStation games on actual other consoles would be another leap, but the fact that it feels like even a remote possibility at this point is quite the sea change.

Meanwhile, Switch is about to become even more desirable as a streaming device thanks to an upgrade coming this fall: make sure you check out our Nintendo Switch OLED pre-orders guide if you want to start playing on that extra big and extra vibrant screen as soon as possible.

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