Horizon: Zero Dawn meets Battle Bots - we make terrifying machines fight to the DEATH

Being relentlessly stalked, trampled, slashed, ripped apart, crushed, and even shot (thanks, Thunderjaw) in Horizon: Zero Dawn can spawn a tiny vendetta in your heart. To get back at the countless machines who have shed Aloy’s blood, we decided to create our very own robot wars. Using the override codes from overcoming the cauldrons scattered throughout the world, we snuck up on each beast and toyed with its circuits, making it our friend while simultaneously turning it against its fellow robots. Pitting Thunderjaw against Thunderjaw, Sawtooths against Bellowbacks, and Ravagers vs Shellwalkers, the only thing left to say is… ACTIVATE!

Some choice gifs are ready for your perusal, just to give you a taste of how much mechanical massacre is on offer. 

Sawtooth vs freeze bellowback, fire bellowback, and…*another* sawtooth

Behemoth vs behemoth & longleg (featuring multiple levitating rocks)

Thunderjaw vs thunderjaw: lots of explosions

Longleg vs longleg, both lovers of flame-death jumping

Freeze bellowback vs freeze bellowback *shivers*

Zoe Delahunty-Light

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