Horizon Forbidden West players can't wait to meet Burning Shores' new machine

Horizon Forbidden West Burning Shores
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Horizon Forbidden West has introduced another new machine for its forthcoming DLC, and fans are already liking it.

Earlier today on March 30, developer Guerrilla unveiled the Waterwing, a brand new flying machine that'll be debuting in the Burning Shores DLC for Horizon Forbidden West next month in April. The graceful machine can soar high above the ground in the clouds before elegantly diving down below the waves around the coast of California for some underwater exploration.

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This makes the Waterwing the first machine in Horizon Forbidden West that can fly and dive underwater. The newcomer looks like the perfect vehicle for exploring both the skies above and the water surrounding the remains of Los Angeles, where Aloy's venturing to in the new DLC.

Over on the Horizon-dedicated subreddit, players are really intrigued by the Waterwing. One user wonders if we'll be able to explore Horizon Forbidden West's base map with the machine, because if we can, it'll make underwater exploration a hell of a lot more enjoyable than it previously was.

"I just realized we'll start the DLC without the Waterwing override. Immediately flies to the nearest cauldron," says one user. "It's honestly probably one of the first things I'm going to go for!" another user replies in agreement.

New machines are one of the big selling points of the Burning Shores DLC. The announcement trailer for the DLC, revealed back in December, showed off a huge titan machine, which players immediately lost their shit over. With the Waterwing, Forbidden West players are also getting the opportunity to explore the clouds, which Guerrilla has apparently invested a lot of time perfecting

Horizon Forbidden West's Burning Shores DLC launches next month on April 19, exclusively for PS5

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