Horizon Forbidden West fans seem surprised the Burning Shores DLC hasn't been delayed

Horizon Forbidden West
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Horizon Forbidden West fans are genuinely a little bit surprised that the game's Burning Shores DLC hasn't been delayed.

Yesterday, a new blog post discussed how leaving the PS4 behind will make Burning Shores look even better. That's been pretty well-received by most fans (although the ones still playing on PS4 are a bit disappointed), but a key part of the community response has been one of pleasant surprise, as a period of significant radio silence had led many to believe a delay was on the cards.

Burning Shores was announced in December 2022, with its release date of April 19, 2023. However, we'd not seen or heard anything about the expansion between its announcement and yesterday's update, even as Horizon Forbidden West's anniversary celebrations rolled around last month.

On Reddit, user dwoller said that, with the new post, "people can stop thinking it's delayed," suggesting that "people were just taking no news as bad news when it was likely just that they were focusing on [Call of the Mountain]. Another user, clydethepotatortoise, said that "my mind is on a rollercoaster between excitement at the confirmation that it's not delayed and slight disappointment that we didn't get any new visual teasers."

Other fans have expressed confidence that a delay is unlikely, while a few others are still puzzling over how little Guerilla has shown off. Others still, however, continue to get hyped for a mysterious boss fight alluded to in the blog post - likely the massive Horus Titan lurking in the Hollywood Hills.

Horizon Forbidden West sits high up on our list of the best PS5 games, so this DLC comes hotly-anticipated.

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