Horizon Forbidden West finds room for Kratos' shack from God of War

horizon Forbidden West totems
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Horizon Forbidden West features a God of War-themed easter egg for players to uncover.

In actual fact, Guerrilla's sequel features a slate of God of War-related easter eggs, all leading into one big tribute to Kratos. Horizon Forbidden West dots a number of figures all around its massive in-game world, which effectively take the player on a big treasure hunt.

First up, Aloy can uncover two statues depicting Brok and Sindri, the rival blacksmith brothers from Sony Santa Monica's God of War reboot. After this, our protagonist will need to track down a Totem of War, represented by a unique Kratos figure, and the Totem of Youth, which is none other than Atreus.

Your reward for finding all these little easter eggs are two big easter eggs: face paint for Aloy resembling Kratos, and a trip to a shack which looks markedly similar to the one in God of War. While you can't actually go in the shack and poke your nose around Kratos and Atreus's home, you can still kit out Aloy to look like the ferocious God of War with that face paint.

For a full walkthrough on how to track down all of these tributes and make it to Kratos' shack, head over to our guide on how to find the Horizon Forbidden West war totems and Kratos Easter egg.

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