Horizon: Call of the Mountain rated ahead of launch next month

Horizon: Call of the Mountain PSVR 2
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Horizon: Call of the Mountain has been rated ahead of its launch next month.

The forthcoming PSVR 2 game was just recently rated by the ESRB (opens in new tab), the sole video game ratings board for the whole of North America. Horizon: Call of the Mountain has officially been granted a 'T' for Teen rating, due to fantasy violence and mild language.

Surely we won't hear Aloy swearing! The rating from the ESRB actually comes with less than a month to go until Horizon: Call of the Mountain releases exclusively for the PSVR 2, as it's launching next month on February 22, 2023 as a day one launch title for the new-gen VR headset.

Checking out the ESRB's other ratings (opens in new tab), we can see that 2022's Horizon Forbidden West was actually granted the exact same 'T' rating. This was given for blood, language, use of alcohol, and violence, and the third entry in particular appears to indicate that we won't be heading to any of the local taverns Aloy could venture to back in the Forbidden West.

Speaking of, Aloy might be returning for this new adventure, but she isn't in the starring role this time around. Aloy will merely be acting as a sidekick in Horizon: Call of the Mountain, while the player takes on the role of a Carja Shadow Warrior, who's on a mission of redemption to save an entire settlement, which the new ESRB rating actually highlights.

You might need a PSVR 2 to play this new adventure, but you thankfully won't need one to play the next chapter of Aloy's tale. Horizon: Forbidden West's Burning Shores DLC is still slated to launch later this year on April 19, but it'll only be coming to PS5 consoles, ditching a PS4 launch entirely.

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