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Homemade videogame-inspired gifts for the craft-impaired

Controller button magnets

We chose to make these magnets look like controller buttons from the 360, PS3 and Wii, but you can easily use any art under these flat glass marbles to create custom magnets. Magazine cut-outs also work really well too.

- Flat backed glass marbles (found in the floral aisle in craft stores)
- Glass-specific glue
- Scissors
- Magnets smaller than the marbles
- Controller button print out (PDF)

Above: Our print out includes two sizes as these glass marbles don't really come in standard dimensions. Cut out the ones that best fit

Above: Make sure the glue you choose is designed for glass and dries clear

Above: You'll need a small drop of glue on each marble

Above: Place a cut out button image face side down over the glue and allow to dry

Above: Make sure the diameter of your magnets is smaller than the marbles so they don't show

Above: You can use the same glue to affix the magnet to the back of the magnet. Give it ample time to dry

Above: Congratulations, now you can pretend to play games on your refrigerator door

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