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Homemade videogame-inspired gifts for the craft-impaired

Portal holiday ornaments

Above: Now you can decorate with portals

- 2 small oval mirror ornaments
- 1 sheet of orange and blue craft foam
- Glue
- Ribbon or string

Above: We found these in the holiday aisle of our local craft store. They came pre-drilled with holes which made this super easy

Above: Craft foam (or Fun Foam) is a flexible lightweight foam material that's a bit more durable than using cardboard or foamcore since it won't dent

Our local craft store didn't have orange or blue craft foam available, so we went with white and just painted our portals. Obviously you can save yourself a step if your craft store has a better supply than ours did.

Above: Trace the outline of your mirrors onto the craft foam and then add Portal-y swooshes (technical term, obviously)

Above: We used an exacto knife to cut out our portals, but scissors will work too. By wobbling our hand along the inner circle we created a more portal-y effect (again, technical term)

At this point you would just glue these bad boys onto your mirror and affix string through the holes to create ornaments. If your mirrors didn't come with hole pre-drilled consider affixing magnets to the back to create portable portals instead.

Above: If you have to paint your portals, be sure to paint along the edges and even the back of the designs since the mirror will reflect it. We used the same glass glue from the magnets to affix them to the mirrors

We hope these ideas spark some creativity from you this holiday season!