Hold it! Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 gets new videos for Phoenix Wright and Nova

Though Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3’s roster additions were leaked as soon as the game was announced, it’s still cool to see the new characters in action, especially when it’s the star of a puzzle-based, lawyer game. Since we first found out Phoenix Wright was in UMVC3, we excitedly speculated just how a character known for talking and presenting evidence could beat up the Hulk. With today’s first videos of Ace Attorney gameplay (plus footage of Marvel’s top space knight, Nova), the mystery is revealed. TAKE THAT!

Of course that vid gives you just a taste. Here’s the extended footage of Phoenix Wright kicking ass for the law.

It’s a great bonus to see cameos from Ace Attorney regulars like Maya and the Judge, and we love that the devs threw logic out the window by having the action of Wright rustling papers or pointing at someone hit just as hard as any Hadouken.

By comparison, seeing the reveal of Marvel Comic’s Nova might not be as exciting, but hear us out. Nova has been underestimated for years, but in the last half decade he’s become one of the most cosmic-level heroes, going toe-to-toe with Super Skrulls, Thanos and the Silver Surfer. Don’t dismiss the Human Rocket as a Green Lantern rip-off, just watch as he decimates foes with gravimetric blast straight from the Nova Force.

Oct 13, 2011

Henry Gilbert

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