Hogwarts Legacy players have crowned Ignatia Wildsmith the most hated character in the series

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Hogwarts Legacy players have decided that one NPC is the most hated character in the series, and with Voldemort and Professor Umbridge right there, it feels a little unfair. 

Thanks to her invention of Floo powder, Ignatia Wildsmith can be found alongside Floo Flames (fast travel points) all around Hogwarts and surrounding areas. Despite saving players valuable seconds and steps, Wildsmith appears to be one of the most disliked characters in the Harry Potter series, let alone Hogwarts Legacy.

As the Reddit post below demonstrates, the hatred surrounding Ignatia Wildsmith's bust is comparable to series villains Lord Voldemort and Professor Umbridge - whose actions are most definitely a lot worse than Wildsmith's. 

off_on_another_adventure_are_we from r/HarryPotterGame

It seems that the main issue with this witch is that she's a bit of a chatterbox, which can be especially annoying when you've got to use several fast travel points in a row, for example when you're trying to complete the Hogwarts Legacy Merlin Trials. As one player put it in the comments of the Reddit post: "If there ever was a chance to meet Merlin... it's on sight."

Since I haven't played Hogwarts Legacy, I couldn't understand why this character was so hated, especially since she's only ever saying nice(ish) things, like: "How nice to see you, my young friend!" or "off on another adventure, are we?" Even the slightly smug: "You can't imagine how inconvenient travel was before I invented Floo powder!" isn't that irritating really. 

I have had to listen to Philoctetes from Hercules shout: "Get up on the Hydra's back!" in Kingdom Hearts 2 a ridiculous amount of times though, so I reckon Wildsmith would have the same sort of rage-inducing effect after a few hours of hearing her repetitive voice lines. 

The release of Hogwarts Legacy has been the subject of criticism and debate due to J.K. Rowling's public stance on gender identity, which continues to challenge the inclusivity at the heart of the Harry Potter community. Here is our explainer on the Hogwarts Legacy controversy.

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