Hitman Episode 4 goes bang-bang in Bangkok on August 16

Agent 47 must be getting tired of jetting back and forth between Paris, Sapienza, and Marrakesh, because he's just added another location to his assassination itinerary: Bangkok. And his plane leaves soon; Hitman developer IO Interactive announced today that Episode 4, which takes place in Thailand's capital, will be available on August 16.

Hitman's last episode (not counting the summer bonus episode) was back in May, so the wait for Bangkok has been long indeed. Thankfully, it seems like the locale will be pretty spectacular when it debuts, as a press release describes a luxury hotel resort situated on the Chao Phraya River.

Your targets are a bit stranger this time around, though; rather than the usual megalomaniacs or wanted terrorists, you'll be assigned to bump off an … indie band's frontman and his lawyer. You can actually get something of a sneak peek at the Bangkok setting by watching the band's music video:

Maybe Agent 47 is more of a Fall Out Boy type of guy? He strikes me as a FOB fan.

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