Hitman Beta Challenges guide

The Hitman beta has arrived, with two full training missions to play around with inside the ICA's extensive training facility. As well as offering multiple ways to take our your targets, there are also a series of Challenges which require specific actions to complete. Check out the video below for five of the assassination methods, then follow the strategies we've outlined here and you'll be beating those Challenges in no time.

Freeform Training 

Grab the coins on the crate in front of your starting position.

Turn left and head around the back to the warehouse area and throw a coin towards the back corner for Spare Change.

Subdue the worker and steal his outfit.

The worker on the right will see through your disguise, so go through the door on your left by the car.

You'll find the rat poison in the next room for Store Securely.

Head to the end of the corridor where you'll find a guard patrolling.

Once his back is turned, equip your pistol then quickly drop it and walk away.

When the guard heads back, he'll pick up your weapon for Something Out of Place.

He'll take your weapon to the next room and drop it in the storage crate.

You can grab it back once he's left.

Now go out of the back door and head to the generator.

Turn it off then hide around the corner so you don't get spotted, earning you Over Here...

Head back down the corridor and enter the room next to the one where you found the poison.

You'll find the yacht crew disguise in here so you can Join the Crew.

Now you can walk freely around the upper decks, so head up the stairs from the car hold.

Make your way to the bar on Deck 2, where your target should be hanging out.

Drop the poison in the glass of red wine to ensure it's Not for Human Consumption.

Now blend in behind the bar until your target drinks the tainted wine and gets sick.

Follow him through to the nearby bathroom.

Give Ritter an Ironic send-off by drowning him in the toilet.

Drag the body over to the closet and stash it for The Cleaner.

Leave the ship through the car hold and head to the exit.

On your next playthrough, go around the back of the security hut and climb in through the window.

Take out the security guard using your fibre wire so the others don't detect you.

Grab his uniform and stuff him in the closet.

Leave the area to the left hand side and move quickly before the other guards detect you.

Now you can stroll straight up the gangway and onto the ship as a Security Bypass.

Head up to Deck 3 and enter the control room.

Grab the crowbar from the side.

Take out the other security guard so you have the area to yourself.

Wait until your target is enjoying a drink below, then use the crowbar to drop the liferaft on him and earn Only Use in Emergency Situations.

Escape via the nearby 'helicopter'.

On another playthrough, grab the coins then stand near Norfolk and ping one towards the back alleyway.

When Norfolk goes to investigate, pop another one over the fence and he'll duly follow.

Now you're out of sight, knock him out and steal his sweet suit.

Stroll up the gangway and make your way towards the target.

Once you find him, talk to him to initiate your meeting.

Follow him back to his quarters for The Private Meeting.

Walk behind him while he tries to figure out his password, whip out the fibre wire and execute a Classic Hitman kill.

Open the door behind you and drag to body to the closet for The Cleaner (if you don't have it already).

The 'helicopter' on the deck above is the quickest way to escape.

For a final playthrough, make sure you've grabbed the remote explosive at the start then head to Deck 2 by whatever means then climb through the window into Ritter's quarters.

Hold both triggers to place the bomb somewhere discreet so it won't be spotted.

Go and blend in at the Deck 2 bar until the meeting begins.

Head to an extraction point then use your instinct to ensure Ritter is in his quarters.

Trigger the explosive and Pay that Stuntman a Bonus! before exiting.

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