Hitman: Blood Money interview

GR: The object interaction was slightly clumsy in Contracts - hiding Agent 47's gun in the chicken to assassinate the owner of the S&M club involved a lot of juggling, for instance. How does 47 interact with the environment in Blood Money?

RH: Containers in which you can hide objects have been made more transparent and general. You can also use your surroundings to dispose of your dead bodies in containers, freezers and the like.

If you need to disappear for a while, you are able to hide in closets. Some of your surroundings can also be used as weapons against other characters. For instance, creating explosions causes heavy objects to fall down, thereby crushing whoever is underneath.

GR: Have you started looking forward to next-gen systems and thinking of ways to extend Hitman's gameplay? If so, how so?

RH: Indeed we have, but I can't really tell you about our plans for using this extended hardware performance in regards to Hitman.

GR: What about any future online multiplayer ideas? Are there any plans to look into howHitman could work in this way?

RH: It's a tough one. We would all like to come up with a brilliant multiplayer idea for Hitman, but it is a hard one to crack because the game is so focused on story-driven single-player action.

There have been some good ideas circling, though, but none of it is concrete in any way. And no, I can't tell you about those ideas!

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