Hitman: Blood Money interview

GR: What sort of information will you be able to spend your money on? Is it possible to purchase blueprints and so on for the next level?

RH: We have kept it fairly simple. You already have a very detailed map that shows you all you need to know - if you choose to use it.

The intelligence you buy is not very concrete and gives you more of a broad piece of info, which will help you if you are able to relate it to your surroundings. You usually have to keep your eyes open though, to understand how it works.

GR: The use of 'decoy weapons' has been mentioned - can you give us an example of one being used?

RH: Really? Decoy? Well, I assume you might mean something like the prop weapon in the opera mission? In this case, you are able to switch a stage prop with a real weapon, and in that way have your target eliminated without getting any blood on your own hands.

GR: Are there more options for close combat, such as the CQC system in Metal Gear Solid 3?

RH: Yeah, there are several moves you can perform in close combat. You can head-butt to stun your target, and you can follow up with punches to knock them unconscious.

You also have the ability of ripping weapons out of the hands of your enemies in a situation where you are confronted and don't have any bullets left.

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