Hideo Kojima’s new game is called Death Stranding and it’s headed to PS4

William Blake quotes, extended footage of dead crabs, a naked man nursing a baby while wearing a handcuff that appears to be blinking with some kind of electrical pulse: Hideo Kojima is back, kids! 

The above elements all feature in the introductory footage for his new game Death Stranding, which is headed to PS4 (and, for now, exclusive) at a date TBC.

Also, did I mention the naked man is Norman ‘Walking Dead’ Reedus? And the baby, er, disappears when cuddled, leaving only inky black handprints on Reedus’s legs? 

Oh, and that when the camera pans out we see Reedus staring up towards the skies at a series of distant, statuesque black figures?

If all of this makes no sense it’s because, hello, you’ve heard of Hideo Kojima before right?   

The meaning of this trailer is going to be disputed endlessly over the coming days, and we’ll be in the thick of the analysis. For now, let’s make do with celebrating the news that Koj is heading back to the console on which he made his name. 

Death Stranding will be released on PS4 sometime in the (likely distant) future.

Ben Wilson

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