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Heroes 2.01 Four Months Later review

Original US Airdate: 24/9/07

Written by: Tim Kring
Directed by: Greg Beeman

The One Where: Claire adjusts to life undercover in California while Hiro meets his hero in Feudal Japan. New heroes Alejandro and Maya go on the run. Elsewhere, Matt and Mohinder conspire to bring down The Company and a killer targets the previous generation...

Verdict: Given the buzz that built with the first season of Heroes, you’d be forgiven for expecting season two to hit the ground running with a showy, explosive debut. But this special 50 minute episode is a surprisingly muted opener, content to quietly establish new plot strands and reconvene a scattered cast. This feels truly global, dashing from Cairo to Japan to Honduras. There’s an excellent sense of dread as we discover that there’s a new killer at large, but this clashes mightily with the broad comic business of Hiro with the samurai. It’s like someone’s spliced Zodiac with A Knight’s Tale. Shame they went and bumped off Takei, too.

Highlight: The scene where West watches Claire, floating in midair, drips pure Heroes magic.

Star Turn: Jack Coleman unlocks the inner badass in Bennet in that brilliant scene where he stands up to his bullying manager.

WTF?: What’s up with the horrific burned reflection that Nathan catches a glimpse of in the mirror? And we won’t even mention the Beard From Hell...

Best Line:
Molly: "Shouldn’t I be eating some vegetables once in a while?"
Matt: "That’s why I got you a vegetable pizza, smartypants."

Nick Setchfield

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