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Heroes 1.09: Homecoming review

Original US airdate: 20/11/06

Written by: Kay Foster & Adam Armus

Directed by: Greg Beeman

Starring: Sakina Jaffrey, Danielle Savre, Zachary Quinto


The One Where: Sylar closes
in on Claire.

In high school,
Claire learns that she’s just been
crowned the Homecoming
Queen, beating Jackie. Zach tells
her that she won with the
support of the freak vote.

Nathan takes receipt of Isaac’s
painting from Lindeman. But as
Simone watches, horrified, he
throws paint all over the canvas,
claiming he’s saving Peter’s life.
But Simone also has a digital
image, which she gives to Peter
– it seems to show him dying at
Claire’s high school at 8.12 that
night. Pete insists he has to go
and try to save her.

Mohinder theorises that the
silent boy who is appearing in his
visions is a spirit guide. He finds
the boy playing football in a
market and receives a vision of
his father scolding him for his
interest in his research. He then
enters a password into his dad’s
computer and discovers the list
that his father has of all the
superhumans. He vows to return
to America with a renewed sense
of purpose.

Bennet says that Isaac’s
painting is useless. He instructs
Eden to take out Sylar, then,
concerned for his daughter’s
safety, orders Claire to stay at
home on homecoming night.
Later, however, she sneaks out
with Zach…

Ando spots the photo of Hiro
in the diner and discovers it was
taken six months ago. Peter
arrives, and later bumps into
Claire. He sees a story about
Jackie, who has taken credit for
Claire’s heroics, and he assumes
that she’s the cheerleader he
must save. Sylar assumes the
same, and kills Jackie before
realising his mistake and setting
off after Claire. Peter tells her to
run and tussles with Sylar.
Together they tumble from a
ledge. When Peter regains
consciousness he discovers that
he must have absorbed Claire’s
miraculous healing powers. But
Sylar has fled from the scene –
Eden later encounters him in the
woods and seems able to
command him, with the help of
the mysterious Haitian… Pete
winds up arrested, the cops
presuming he’s the killer.

Elsewhere, Jessica takes aim at
DL through the cross-hair of a
gun, and Hiro finds himself in the
diner, six months earlier. Charlie
beckons him over…

So here we are, at the
climax of Heroes’ first mini-arc.
They saved the cheerleader, but
did they save the world? Sylar is
all the more chilling for his silent,
shadowed presence, like some
eternal archetype of the serial
killer made flesh. The plot
cleverly exploits what seemed
like a throwaway element a few
episodes ago – Jackie’s hijacking
of Claire’s blaze rescue
– and delivers some very dark
karma indeed.

Oh, and look for the dude in
the conspicuous Battlestar
Galactica t-shirt in Claire’s high
school. Rock the freak vote!

Peter: “Are you the
one? By saving you, did I save
the world?”
Claire: “I don’t know. I’m just a

Nick Setchfield

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