Here's why Snipperclips is the Switch launch game you need (sorry Zelda)

Nintendo Switch's day-one lineup looked a little skimpy at first, but now that Snipperclips has joined the party, it's all good. You know, Snipperclips, that papery co-op puzzle game Nintendo showed off alongside all the bigger-name Switch games? The one that isn't The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. It might be the best reason to get a Switch yet, and here's why. 

It uses both Joy-Cons individually

Make sure you fake your friend out the first time they come over to play. "Where's my controller?" they'll ask, looking at the empty spot on the table. Then you'll say "RIGHT HERE" as you casually snap one of the Joy-Cons off the side of your Switch and hand it to them. I can't say how comfortable the itsy bitsy controllers will be for more action-packed games like Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, but for the slower pace of Snipperclips they should work just fine.

It's also pretty cool that a console comes with everything you need for local multiplayer for once! You will need more Joy-Cons for the side modes that support 2-4 players, but speaking of which...

There's a nice Snipperclips UK bundle with extra Joy-Cons

If you're in the UK, you can pick up an extra pair of Red/Blue Joy-Cons bundled with a code for Snipperclips for £79.99. A pair of Joy-Cons by themselves already cost £74.99, so you're effectively getting Snipperclips for just £5. Not bad!

View deal: Joy-Con neon red/blue controller pair with Snipperclips download code for £79.99 at Amazon UK

I'm a bit jealous since no similar bundle has been announced for the US yet, but here's an extra set of Joy-Cons if you want to boost your player count anyway.

View deal: Joy-Con gray controller pair for $79.99 at Amazon

It looks like the next BoxBoy

You did play BoxBoy, right? The downloadable puzzle series from Kirby house HAL Laboratory is one of the highlights of the 3DS eShop, with endlessly clever puzzles all built upon the simple concept of extruding boxes from your rectangular form. With a similar emphasis on shaping your character's body for a variety of tasks - now with the help of friends - Snipperclips looks like it's ready to continue that lovely legacy on Nintendo Switch.

You can play Zelda on Wii U anyway

I know what you're thinking, and I'm not saying you shouldn't get a Nintendo Switch to play Zelda on. Honestly, that's why I pre-ordered mine. But you could also play Breath of the Wild on Wii U just fine. Snipperclips, on the other hand, is a Switch exclusive and a perfect fit for the system's friendly approach to at-home-or-on-the-go multiplayer. And it's a bit less mortifying to play in public than 1-2-Switch's cow-milking minigame.

Their little boots…!

Just look at them!

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