Here's where the final Infinity Stone is hiding in Thor: Ragnarok (if this theory is to be believed)

Thor: Ragnarok already has Jeff Goldblum, “a friend from work”, and the debut of The Revengers working for it, but it might just have something even better than all of those things combined. One theory is dead-set on proving that the final Infinity Stone – the Soul Stone – is in the third Thor movie, and we’ve probably all seen it already…

The theory (via Screen Rant) presents the idea that the orange-tinted Soul Stone has been in Odin’s possession the whole time. Remember his weird eye-patch thingy? That apparently holds the Odinforce, Odin’s mystical power to keep peace over the Nine Realms, and, with it, Thanos’ final piece of the Infinity Gauntlet jigsaw.

Odin already kept one of the Infinity Stones, the Cosmic Cube, under lock and key in a vault (which we saw during Thor’s post-credits scene) so having him secretly hold another isn’t too much of a stretch. Besides, who better to wield such immeasurable power than the King of Asgard?

Except it’s not that straightforward (it never is with the MCU!). Odin has been ousted as ruler of Asgard by Loki at the end of Thor: The Dark World and is currently MIA. What this means for the Soul Stone is unclear but, as the theory also touches upon, Heimdall’s glowing orange eyes indicate that the power of the Stone can seemingly pass from person to person. Hela might have something to say about that...

The location of the final Stone has to be uncovered soon, Avengers: Infinity War is only around the corner after all, and Thor: Ragnarok – with its cosmic bent – seems like the best bet. I always had Heimdall pegged as the holder of the Soul Stone, and it seems that it could turn out that way through a technicality. But for Marvel to have waved it in front of our faces the whole time… Eye can’t quite believe it!

Image: Marvel

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