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Here's when you'll be able to play The Outer Worlds on Steam

(Image credit: Obsidian)

The Outer Worlds is coming to Steam on October 23, 2020.

The colourful action RPG isn't new, of course, having released this time last year on consoles and PC via Epic Games Store. Now, however, the one-year Epic Store exclusivity period has expired, which means PC players will finally be able to pick the game via Steam for the first time.

According to the Steam store page (opens in new tab), The Outer Worlds on Steam will feature achievements, full controller support, Steam trading cards, and Steam Cloud saving. It can also be remote-played on compatible TVs.

The critically-acclaimed sci-fi game is already available on Nintendo Switch, having been released on Nintendo's hybrid console earlier this year (opens in new tab). There's also already story DLC available for it, too.

"Obsidian's talent for sharp writing, choice-based narrative, and complex role-playing systems have coalesced together to create one of the strongest new IPs of the generation with The Outer Worlds," we said in the GamesRadar+ The Outer Worlds review (opens in new tab)

"There's plenty of room for improvement when it comes to making combat as compelling and rewarding as the rest of the game but, nevertheless, The Outer Worlds absolutely delivers on its premise as an immersive, full-bodied RPG that successfully picks up the baton where Bethesda has been dropping it of late.

"Those expecting a straight-up spiritual successor to Fallout: New Vegas might be surprised by Obsidian's more contained and old-fashioned approach to science fiction, but stick with this unashamedly talkative tragic comedy, and you'll discover one of the smartest games of the year."

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Vikki Blake
Vikki Blake

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