Here's how you'll actually play Pokemon Go, complete with new screens

Pokemon Go, the augmented-reality Pokemon game coming to smartphones later this year, has begun its field test in the United States. And while participants aren't allowed to share any of their experiences, there's still some new details and screens being shared by The Pokemon Company and developer Niantic.

As you might already know, Pokemon Go challenges you to catch 'em all in the real world. Pokemon will be viewable through your smartphone's camera, making them appear as if they were actually standing in front of you. Capturing Pokemon is only half of a trainer's lifestyle though; once you've got hold of the critters, you'll want to battle them.

Battles in Pokemon Go function similarly to the main games. Your biggest obstacles will be various gyms, which reside at real-world locations. You'll want to send your Pokemon out according to type, paying attention to their moves and type. Using your smartphone touchscreen, you'll also be able to dodge incoming attacks by swiping left or right.

If battling's not your thing, you can always just evolve or hatch Pokemon. Instead of leveling up to evolve, you'll need to collect "evolution shards," which you get by collecting multiples of the same pokemon. And if you can't find a certain pokemon in the wild, you can always get an egg and hatch it by walking a set amount of steps.

It sounds like Pokemon Go is developing into quite the experience - we'll find out its true form later this year. 

Sam Prell

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