Here's how Game of Thrones' "hold the door" sounded in 21 other languages

Game of Thrones' sixth season gave us plenty of memorable moments, and the reveal of how Kristian Nairn's Hodor got his name in episode 5 is right at the top of that list. It wasn't long before "hold the door" - a phrase which now has new meaning for every Thrones fan - was trending everywhere...but what did it sound like in other countries? Imgur user HooptyDooDooMeister went through the trouble of finding out, compiling 21 takes of the infamous scene in different languages.

Check it out below...

While some of those translations are almost identical to the English version - that'd be the Danish, Norwegian, and Dutch takes - there are others which are a bit of a stretch to say the least (the Hebrew translation is particularly hilarious). It does mean that there's a good chance the scene didn't hit as hard in some international territories, which is a little unfortunate. 

Season 7 of Game of Thrones will debut in summer 2017.

Images: HBO/Imgur

Amon Warmann

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