Here's all the big video game holiday events going on - Merry Christmas and happy holidays!

Tis the season to be merry and play video games. It's a special time of year, and plenty of developers are getting in on the fun. But with so many games and only so many hours in the day, which ones do you make time for? Well, hopefully our list of all the big holiday events currently going on will help you decide. Check below to see if your favorite game has some holly jolly content to enjoy!

A few notes: this list does not count any paid holiday-themed DLC. Only free updates and patches for all you good little boys and girls. We also don't have room to list every game that has a Christmas event going on, so if your favorite game isn't listed here and you want the world to know about it, feel free to speak up in the comments.

All that being said: Merry Christmas and happy holidays!

Battlefield 1 (End date: Dec 29)

Battlefield 1 is commemorating the famous Christmas truce ceasefires that occurred during WWI with a new dog tag that all players receive just for logging in. Those who log in before December 29 will also receive one complimentary Battlepack.

Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare (End date: Jan  1)

Infinite Warfare's Genesis map is getting a festive sprucing up, and players who log in will receive daily gifts including winter-themed skins for their weapons, Salvage and Key bonuses, and more.

Destiny (End date: Jan 3)

The Tower's hall are thoroughly decked, and Guardians everywhere can enjoy putting silly masks resembling evil snowmen and snowglobes on their heads. There's also new armor, Sparrows, guns, and a whole lot more to collect. Just log in and the Dawning record book will set you on your way.

The Elder Scrolls Online (End date: Jan 4)

The "New Life Festival" adds a series of daily quests that you can partake in, which will earn you some nifty, winter-themed items and crafting materials. You'll need to speak with Breda outside of Windhelm to get started.

FIFA 17 (End date: Jan 3)

Free Ultimate Team items (coins, packs, etc) are yours just for logging in every day during FIFA 17's special holiday event.

Final Fantasy 14 (End date: Dec 31)

While any player can log in and enjoy the decorations of the "Starlight Celebration," those who speak to Amh Garanjy at the Steps of Nald in Ul'dah can begin a quest chain which basically turns you into the FF14 version of Santa's little helper. Plus, you can also acquire a special Santa outfit and Christmas-y decoration items for your home.

Final Fantasy 15 (End date: N/A)

No time limit here: a free update has added new, holiday-themed frames for Prompto's camera, as well as new outfits for Noctis, and they can be selected at any time. You'll also get tickets to the Moogle Chocobo Carnival, though that won't be added to the game until January.

Gears of War 4 (End date: Dec 28)

"Gearsmas" adds snowball fights, ugly sweaters, and a bunch of festive weapon skins (including gingerbread, which is just the best). You'll have to pay for the cosmetic items, but they can be paid for using in-game currency so you can save your Christmas money for something else.

GTA 5 (End date: Jan 9)

GTA 5's single-player is the same as ever, but what's happening in GTA Online? Oh you know, the usual holiday in Los Santos: masks for sale, discounts on guns, bonus rewards for stealing cars. Also: snowballs and a free set of pajamas for logging in.

Overwatch (End date: Jan 2)

A special brawl mode where everyone plays as Mei and flings snowballs at each other is available for a limited time, but the real draw of Overwatch's Christmas update is the absurd number of skins, emotes, sprays, and more that can be obtained via special loot boxes, which are only available during the event. Seriously, that Roadhog skin is my everything.

Pokemon Go (End date: Dec 29)

A few Gen 2 Pokemon have been added to Niantic's augmented reality collectathon app, though they can only be hatched from eggs, so bundle up and prepare to trudge through the snowbanks for a Togepi. Alternatively, stay inside where it's warm and hope that a Santa hat-wearing Pikachu will pop up.

Rainbow Six Siege (End date: Jan 3)

Rainbow Six Siege is handing out weapon charms and special Christmas-themed skins to players who can complete special challenges between now and January 3. These challenges (and their rewards) change frequently, so you'll need to log in daily if you want to get them all.

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