Helldivers 2 player tinkers with the epic loading theme, and it somehow sounds even better

Helldivers 2 weapons
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It turns out Helldivers 2's epic loading screen theme can somehow get even better - if you add a choir and percussion to it.

YouTuber JayRaptor is the one that's shown this creation off to the world, which was apparently created by their friend. The friend has quite the musical ear, because they've taken the already-epic tones of the Helldivers 2 loading screen theme and amped it up by adding a full backing choir and underlying percussion to the track.

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The new elements for the track fit sublimely, and I can't commend the creation enough. The loading screen theme for Helldivers 2 was a real snazzy anthem in its own right, deliberately going big on the brass instruments to conjure up images of heroics on the battlefield. The choir and backing percussion only make it even more stoic.

Couple this with the footage above of Helldivers taking down Bile Titans, eliminating swarms of Terminids, and dropping an Orbital Strike beacon on an Automaton tank before legging it, and you've got a chest-pounding war anthem on your hands. Maybe Super Earth's government will use this in promotional footage for its recruitment efforts. 

Speaking of: did you know that the average life expectancy for a Helldiver is a mere two minutes? No, that's unfortunately not a joke, according to the game's director, who also recently revealed that recruits have no idea they're going to be repeatedly frozen solid and thawed between missions. The soldiers are really going to need something like this theme tune.

See our in-depth Helldivers 2 Bile Titan guide if you're after some helpful tricks on how to take down the gigantic foes. 

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