Helldivers 2 Discord server called "automatons" for promoting boosting, owner says "no one" used the deal: "We, like you, understand there is no point power leveling in this game"

Helldivers 2
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A popular Helldivers 2 community has attracted the ire of its fellow democracy enthusiasts for promoting a boosting service, prompting the Discord server owner to say that, to their knowledge, "no one used the code" anyway and that's in line with what they expected. 

Earlier this week, a fan-run Helldivers 2 LFG community on Discord revealed it was partnering with a boosting service called BlazingBoost. Looking at the website, you can spend a few bucks to get someone to collect a few samples for you, or around €350 (around £299/ $377) to get a level 50 character, all Stratagems unlocked, 500 common samples, 250 rare samples, and 100 super samples. 

Over on Reddit, it's been met with a resounding 'Why would someone boost in Helldivers 2, anway?' Boosting services are as common as the hills regarding popular games, though players typically go to them to overcome content they can't do or for a chase item in a loot-driven game they don't have the time for. Boosting in Helldivers 2 saves some grind, sure, though unlocking everything typically only requires picking up a battle pass and playing the game itself. 

"What a weird thing to do," one fan says. "I'm picturing a bunch of Level 50 people who have barely played the game, with complete nonsense loadouts, totally confused about how to do basic objectives, just standing their ground getting slaughtered by bots over and over."

Another player quips, "Obviously Automatons funding their own nefarious designs."

The reaction has drawn a reply from the head of the Helldivers 2 LFG community, who says that, while they understand that there is "no point" in power leveling the game, the partnership offers other benefits to the team.

"We stand behind and carefully vet our sponsors," they say. "We expected low conversions with this specific sponsor because we, like you, understand that there is no point in power leveling in this game (Because many of us already sit at 300+ hours in game and capped on all resources with nothing to do). 

"Our sponsor was not expecting much either from this promotion and we warned them that though it makes sense to promote to Helldivers, Helldivers have a certain amount of pride behind leveling up and will likely not take advantage of the service. 

"To our knowledge, no one used the code, but we still got 'paid' for the promotion by the sponsor directly. This promotion was done in order to help us set up prizes for our upcoming server events."

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