Helldivers 2 director says Halo comparisons are unnecessary: "We need more compassion and union in the world, and less rivalry"

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The director of Helldivers 2 says that he doesn't want fans to compare the Arrowhead shooter to Halo or any other games, as the world needs "less rivalry." 

Over the weekend, a Twitter account shared the post below that pinned Helldivers 2 against 343 Industry's long-running FPS series. It's just a case of one fan believing that the Arrowhead title is superior to Halo. However, this was enough for Helldivers 2's director Johan Pilestedt to respond, offering some advice for players.

"Why compare? Just let gamers love and enjoy both," the developer replies. "Either or neither. We need more compassion and union in the world, and less rivalry." This prompted another fan to reply to Pilestedt adding that a bit of friendly rivalry can be a good thing, but it should stay friendly, to which the developer responds: "Indeed. Also in business. Neither monopoly or cut-throat competition makes the world a better place."

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This isn't the first time the team at Arrowhead has tried to reduce toxicity in its community. For instance, shortly after Helldivers 2's launch early last month, the CEO revealed that Helldivers 2 will "never" add a PvP mode because the dev wants to "reduce toxic elements." At the time, Pilestedt explained the decision, sharing to Twitter: "We want an environment that's supportive, fun and where we all are fighting on the same side!"

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