Heist is nice

After the sleeper-hit success of crime-drama Four Brothers this summer, Mark Wahlberg is snapping into full throttle action mode for a sequel to the 2003 box office smash The Italian Job .

“Charlize Theron and everybody is in, so we're just waiting for the right script,” Wahlberg revealed. “Hopefully, I think, probably around summertime we're gonna film it.”

Said script is currently being penned by David Twohy, who did stints at the typewriter for GI Jane and The Chronicles Of Riddick. Wahlberg insisted that the cast, which also includes Jason Statham, Seth Green and Mos Def, won’t be rushed into a production at the expense of quality.

“A lot of people really liked The Italian Job, and a lot of movie sequels don't live up to the original, so we want to make it as good, or better; and we're all patient.”

Wahlberg will again star as Charlie Croker, a role first played by Michael Caine in Peter Collinson’s original 1969 crime caper of the same name.

F Gary Gray helmed the remake which hauled in over $175 million worldwide. Gray is being lined up to shoot the sequel, tentatively titled The Brazilian Job.

Just a suggestion for Paramount, you might want to come up with a title that doesn’t bring tears to women’s eyes the world over...