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Hatchet II trailer debuts

Hatchet II

Hatchet II , which is set to open this year’s FrightFest on 26 August, has debuted its first trailer online.

Really, it’s more of a tease, relying on crackling (and, admittedly, chill-inducing) wordage and a few snatched shots. But we’d rather that than a spoiler-stuffed free-for-all.

A sequel to 2006’s murky, swamp-centered slasher directed by Adam Green, Hatchet II picks up with survivor Marybeth, who escapes death-by-Victor Crowley and discovers that he is cursed.

Then, like a true horror heroine, she decides to hit the swamps again and get revenge for her family. Slasher favourite Danielle Harris (who's now been doing this for over 20 years since appearing in Halloween 4 ) takes on the Final Girl role previously played by Tamara Feldman.

Check out the trailer below…

Hatchet II currently has no UK release date, but expect one to roll out quickly if it gets people talking at this year’s FrightFest.

Hatchet fan? Discuss the new trailer below…